Burnout – When Passion causes Suffering

Burnout – Overcoming a dead-end situation

An E-Book by Iris Schoeberl

Burnout - When Passion causes Suffering
Burnout – When Passion causes Suffering

“I can’t go on!” often marks the beginning of the recognition that a person is literally burned out. That’s how things started for me as well – I just couldn’t go on. I had to come to the realization that burnout is no common cold! Burnout refers to physical, emotional and mental fatigue caused by permanent and excessive burden and stress at work.

Every burnout patient reaches a point in life, when he or she feels exhausted and fatigued. But most people will refuse to believe that they are facing burnout. Things continue the way they always have, which can cause serious health issues which may lead to death (e.g. caused by a heart attack).

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I will cross my fingers for you that you also may overcome these situation! 


Iris Schoeberl

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